Penthouse 1004
is located on the top floor (tenth) of the Bariloche Center building. Centrally located ,in front of the main plaza of the city and a few meters from lake Nahul Huapi.

• From the bus terminal: 
The terminal is three kms from downtown.
The easiest way is to take a taxi which costs $ 140 Argentinean pesos (price is per taxi, including up to four people).
Another option is to take the city bus company "Mi Bus", bus numbers 20 or 21. The buses do not accept cash! You can use the SUBE card, the same they use in Buenos Aires. 
The trip takes 10 to 15 minutes. Ask the driver to stop at the Civic Center (main square). As you get off the bus you’ll see a tall building- “Bariloche Center”, located at the corner of San Martin and Pagano. 
Access it through the revolving door. At the reception, they’ll tell you which elevator to use to get to the 10th floor. Once there, turn right. You will see a sign at the end of the hallway: “Penthouse 1004”.

• From the airport:
Taking a taxi is always the quickest and easiest option. It costs about  $450 AP.


See Hospedaje Penthouse 1004 in a full map.

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San Martin 127 (corner of Pagano) - 10th floor – Apartment 1004 – Bariloche Center Building
San Carlos de Bariloche (CP 8400) - Río Negro - Patagonia Argentina
Phone: (54) 0294- 443 22 28 - email: